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Monica Potts

Matty and I started off as good friends. From the day we first spoke, this guy has been knowledgeable, positive, encouraging and empathetic when I was going through my many physical and mental adversities including a broken knee, herniated disc, struggles with my workout/diet and staying on track over the years. He always helped me prepare, plan and execute with a balance of a scientific and holistic approach to health and fitness, which was always very in line with my own beliefs. On top of that, just simply being an amazing friend to me, taking the time to maintain our friendship with visits to city, trying fun foods with me, and having great chats. When I decided that I wanted to compete, Matty was the first person I thought of, as someone who I trusted would get me to my goals, despite knowing that I would be his very first bikini athlete.


Although I know I am not the easiest person to deal with in prep, for instance sending texts at 2am about how much I want to drown my (non-existent) sorrows in peanut butter, challenging him constantly, and never ending mood swings, Matty is always somehow able to flip my attitude from unmotivated/lethargic to motivated and excited. Being a personal trainer and dietitian myself, I trust all of the programming and meal planning that Matty provides to me, and appreciate his openness in taking my own knowledge and expertise into consideration when doing so. I think that this is one of my favorite things about him, is his confident yet humble character, which truly makes the BEST kind of coach.


Matty has helped me achieve the attitude, perspective and physique that I had always strived for, in fact, even beyond what I even imagined I could achieve. I already knew going in that he was the right balance of supportive and tough love that would allow me to get me where I wanted to be, and I look forward to continuing to learn, build and grow as a team with him to improve even more!

Greg Grosvenor

When you work with Matty Coates or Coach Coates as I like to call him you don't get the same result like those so-called other people do. You get better! Through nearly a full year of working with this guy I've rediscovered my love for the gym, I've helped identify a major health concern I've been plagued with my whole life, and I've found the confidence to once again showcase my hard work. He's not only an incredible coach, all around guy, and believer in his clients, but he's a great friend, super awesome mentor, and someone I look up to. I will forever be grateful for everything Coach Coates has helped me achieve when I step on that stage! #coachedbycoates


P.S. I can't forget Matt introduced me to Cream of Rice and it's my absolute favourite

Kyle Gates

I’ve been competing for 4 years now. I’ve been dedicated to every aspect of this sport and I wasn’t happy with my previous results. I was hitting rock bottom, I wanted to quit competing. I gave it one last shot and reached out to Matt Coates to see if he could teach me everything he knew. I competed against him in 2017 and our physiques weren’t even comparable. He blew me away and I found out he was pretty much self taught. 


3 years later he’s managed to almost triple my progress. I said to myself that’s what I need! His training regimens are hard but also fun. His diet regimen is killer he’s always on you, making sure check ins are up to date and your mental state is healthy. He will push you and keep you on your toes. Very professional and experienced. He preaches what he does in the gym and to me when I search for a coach I look at their experience and overall physique. 


Knowledge is one thing but first hand experience is key in my eyes! Live what you preach, Matt Coates has certainly exceeded this expectation.

Cortney Wilson

It is an honour to write a testimonial for Matt. When I hired Matt I was completely lost as to where I was taking my fitness goals. I had been training for years already and with one show under my belt I rebounded pretty bad and got out of shape. I was training with no purpose....going through the motions and needed somebody to lookup to and to snap me out of my funk. 


I always knew of Matt just by word of mouth and training at the same gym...but our first real encounter was when he was grinding away weeks out from his most recent show. I knew he was in a tough spot and needed words of encouragement from somebody else's mouth. So I approached him, we chatted and long story short it all began there. I can literally check off yes to all the benefits you get when working with Matt. From strength, muscle growth, knowledge, friendship, loyalty, nutrition, injuries...the list goes on. The guy just truly cares about you.


He's very humble and you wouldn't even know he's trying to achieve his own goals because he simply leaves that behind and focuses just on you. He's not a push over and will call you out for mistakes you make but will always take a positive and make a new game plan if things aren't working. He's always checking in making sure you feel good and that you are happy with progress. He is very affordable and I can say 100 percent that hiring Matt is a smart investment for anybody willing to do the work. Your mind, body and soul will be uplifted to a whole new level that you didn't even know you had and that I can guarantee! 

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