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Client Highlights

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Within the span of 8 months working with Cortney he was able to achieve some remarkable results. It didn't come easy for him as he was faced with many challenges both physically with injuries as well as the passing of some loved ones. However, this didn’t stop Cortney in accomplishing his goals in fact it pushed him even more to do better. Sadly, with the occurrence of COVID-19 his show was cancelled 3 weeks out. But he still pushed on to get into the best shape of his life. 


On the left was Cortney when he first approached me for coaching weighing in at 210lbs after he rebounded from his first show where he weighed in at 157lbs. Before we set out to get him ready for another show we set up a plan to clean up his look and rebuild on his frame before we started prep. On the right is Cortney at 3 weeks out when his show got cancelled sitting at 185.4lbs. 



Monica and I have been friends for many years now. When we first met she mentioned that she would love to compete some day. However, she had just gone through some serious injuries leaving her unable to compete then and there. Later on the years went by, where in that time she graduated as a registered dietician as well as became a personal trainer. She finally hit a moment in time where she was able to finally tick off that goal from years ago; competing.


Monica reached out and we set up a meeting to go over what to expect with prep/the processes of prep and how I work with clients. From there on we picked a show and decided to start her first prep. Above you can see her start and end point with a difference of 18 weeks in total. Not only within this time did her body physically change, but more importantly her confidence as well as her overall mindset to things. Sadly, we were unable to step on stage due to COVID-19. However, we pushed through as if the show was still going on and completed her first prep!

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